A photo of Andy and Andrea Garvens.

Andy Garvens

Andrea Garvens


Andy has been an imaginative soul for as long as he can remember. He began drawing and sketching in kindergarten, and never stopped being creative. Andy has made his mark with leather work in particular, hand-stitching each piece. He’s been honing his craft, and is currently working on giving a pair of black motorcycle boots new life.

Andy is an accomplished photographer in his own right, assisting where and when needed, especially at charity events and at weddings, working as Andrea’s very appreciated assistant.

He enjoys miniature war-gaming, putting together and painting each piece; board games with his friends and wife; video games; playing in and running Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games; spending time with Ruby, (esteemed 13 year old Boston Terrier) and Piggy & AlleyC (kitties); and watching crime shows on TV.

You can find Andy's work in our online store here.

A photo of Ruby, a Boston Terrier.


Andrea has been obsessed with creating since an early age- whether it's etching glass with her Grandmother at age 6, to beading in Girl Scouts, to photography classes in middle school. Art is life, it's as important as breathing. Andrea describes it all as her "Zen".

She also does a lot of charity work to give back to the communities she loves so much- she is Coulee Gamers, Inc's official photographer for Coulee Con (in La Crosse, WI, USA) and on the board; plans and runs the Coulee Region Gaming Guild's Extra Life Events; supports the REACH Center by donating photo services; supports ENAHH (Everyone Needs A Helping Hand) by photographing events. In the future, she'd like to start photographing shelter pets to help boost adoption rates.

She also teaches one-on-one jewelry classes by request. Please reach out via email if you're interested in learning how to make jewelry!

For fun, Andrea spends time playing board games with her husband and friends, playing video games, and playing in & running several Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying games. She also enjoys spending time with her cats, Piglet and AlleyC, and Ruby, (the doggo).

You can find her vending events listed on facebook on her business page, her group, and on this website and items she has for sale in the online store.

Andrea's portrait.
A photo of orange chrysanthemums.